178 x 279 mm, 236 pp
ISBN: 978-988-237-030-2

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Ancient Enmity (Single-Volume Anthology)
International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2017
Edited by Bei Dao, Lucas Klein, Chris Song
International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong
The Chinese University Press

International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong (IPNHK) is one of the most influential international poetry events in Asia. From 22–26 November 2017, over 20 invited poets from various countries, Adonis (Syria), Agnes S. L. Lam (Hong Kong), Anja Utler (Germany), Chan Chi Tak (Hong Kong), Charles Bernstein (US), Chen Dongdong (China), Chen Xianfa (China), Chow Yiu Fai (Hong Kong), Dmitry Vedenyapin (Russia), Gabeba Baderoon (South Africa), George Szirtes (UK), Haris Vlavianos (Greece), Javier Bello (Chile), Jérôme Game (France), John Burnside (UK), Julia Fiedorczuk (Poland), Lorna Crozier (Canada), Major Jackson (US), Maram al-Masri (Syria), Mark Tredinnick (Australia), Moon Chung-hee (South Korea), Nuno Júdice (Portugal), Semezdin Mehmedinović (Bosnia), Shuntarô Tanikawa (Japan), Toshiko Hirata (Japan), will be in Hong Kong to read their works based on the theme “Ancient Enmity.” The collection makes a treasured contemporary poetry anthology in trilingual or bilingual presentation.

International Poet Title

Gabeba Baderoon (South Africa)

Poetry for Beginners

Javier Bello (Chile)

I Decided to Dissolve

Charles Bernstein (USA)

Pinky’s Rule

John Burnside (UK)

An Essay on Mourning

Chan Chi Tak (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Lights

Chen Dongdong (Mainland China)

The Emperor of Poetry Translated from Conquered Nations

Chen Xianfa (Mainland China)

The Question of Raising Cranes

Chow Yiu Fai (Hong Kong)


Lorna Crozier (Canada)

Angel of Tigers

Cui Jian (Mainland China)

Never Turning Back

Julia Fiedorczuk (Poland)

Orion’s Shoulder

Jérôme Game (France)

HK Live!

Hirata Toshiko (Japan)

The Man Without Arms

Major Jackson (USA)


Nuno Júdice (Portugal)

Variation on Roses

Agnes S. L. Lam (Hong Kong)

Poppies by the Motorway

Maram al-Masri (Syria)

Barefoot Souls

Semezdin Mehmedinović (Bosnia)

Functions of the Heart

Moon Chung-hee (South Korea)

A Letter from the Airport

George Szirtes (UK)

Like a Black Bird

Mark Tredinnick (Australia)

Egret in a Ploughed Field

Anja Utler (Germany)

Counter Position

Dmitry Vedenyapin (Russia)

The Faith of a Mushroom

Haris Vlavianos (Greece)

Pascal’s Will

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