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178 x 279 mm, 400 pp
ISBN: 978-988-237-120-0

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Speech and Silence (Single-Volume Anthology) (Forthcoming)
International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2019
Edited by Shelby Chan, Gilbert Fong, Lucas Klein, Christopher Mattison, Chris Song, and Ling Wang
International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong
The Chinese University Press

Started in 2009, IPNHK is one of the most influential international poetry events in Asia. In its ten-year anniversary in November 2019, 30 famous poets from various countries will be in Hong Kong and ten cities in China afterwards to read their works based on the theme “Speech and Silence.” This anthology includes selected works of these 30 poets, presented with Chinese and English translations in bilingual/trilingual formats.


Poets include Ana Luísa Amaral (Portugal), Maxim Amelin (Russia), Renato Sandoval Bacigalupo (Peru) , Jen Bervin (USA), Ana Blandiana (Romania), Tamim Al-Barghouti (Palestine), Abbas Beydoun (Lebanon), Miłosz Biedrzycki (Poland), Derek Chung (Hong Kong), Louise Dupré (Canada), Forrest Gander (USA), Hwang Yu Won (South Korea), Maozi (PRC), Mathura (Estonia), Sergio Raimondi (Argentina), Ana Ristović (Serbia), K. Satchidanandan (India), Martin Solotruk (Slovakia), Aleš Šteger (Slovenia), Maria Stepanova (Russia), Tóth Krisztina (Hungary), Ijeoma Umebinyuo (Nigeria), Anastassis Vistonitis (Greece), Jan Wagner (Germany), Ernest Wichner (Germany), Yang Chia-Hsien (Taiwan), Yasuhiro Yotsumoto (Japan), Yu Youyou (PRC), Zheng Xiaoqiong (PRC), and Zhou Yunpeng (PRC).


“If globalization is our ‘continent,’ then poetry is our ‘island.’ This brave new world may be defined by contentions and conflicts between civilizations, religions, ideologies, as well as power and money, but the island symbolized by poetry represents the promise of a spiritual homeland for all humanity.”

Bei Dao, world-renowned poet

International Poet Title

Tamim AL-BARGHOUTI (Palestine)

In Jerusalem

Ana Luísa AMARAL (Portugal)

Nude: A Study in Poignancy 

Maxim AMELIN (Russia)

The Scribe’s Confession 

Renato Sandoval BACIGALUPO (Peru)

From Taoism to Teaism

Jen BERVIN (United States)

Silk Poems 

Abbas BEYDOUN (Lebanon)

Silence and Blood

Miłosz BIEDRZYCKI (Poland)

On the Preeminence of the Working Class 

Ana BLANDIANA (Romania)

Ship of Poets

Derek CHUNG (Hong Kong)

Dusk at Quarry Bay 

Louise DUPRÉ (Canada)

The Haunted Hand

Forrest GANDER (USA)


HWANG Yu-Won (South Korea)

On the Cold Mountain 


Those that Rise from Mediocrity 

MATHURA (Estonia)

Entering the Landscape 

Sergio RAIMONDI (Argentina)

Today Matsuo Bashō Cooks 

Ana RISTOVIĆ (Serbia)

Spouses at Keyboards 


How to Go to the Tao Temple

Martin SOLOTRUK (Slovakia)

Off the Wild Poles of Love Games 

Aleš ŠTEGER (Slovenia)

My Body Is a Central Committee

Maria STEPANOVA (Russia)

The Flower Dies under a Skin of Glass

TÓTH Krisztina (Hungary)

East-Europe Triptych

Ijeoma UMEBINYUO (Nigeria)

Things We Lost in the Fire

Anastassis VISTONITIS (Greece)

The Moon in the Glass 

Jan WAGNER (Germany)

Self-Portrait with a Swarm of Bees

Ernest WICHNER (Germany)


YANG Chia-Hsien (Taiwan)


YOTSUMOTO Yasuhiro (Japan)

An Encounter in Shadows

YU Youyou (PRC)

Against the Body

ZHENG Xiaoqiong (PRC)

A Needle Hole through the Constellations 

ZHOU Yunpeng (PRC)

What Would You Do If You Suddenly Went Blind?

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