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My 1979 我的1979
Zhang Dali 張大力

Forgotten in the waves of China's economic boom is the 1979 War with Vietnam and the veterans who fought in it. The filmmaker takes a pilgrimage to Ma'an Shan, site of some of the heaviest battles, as he seeks out old veterans, their memories of war, and the lives they lead today.

行程從 2006 年 11 月 22 日開始到 24 日結束,作者從廣州到廣西,到馬鞍山昔日戰場祭拜,尋訪 79 年中越自衛反擊戰的戰士,記錄他們當年戰爭的回憶與現實生活的現狀。30 年改革開放,79 老兵這群人經歷了從人生輝煌到被時代拋棄的過程。

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