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Chinese, 2009/01

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The East Wind State Farm 國營東風農場
Hu Jie 胡傑

In 1957, around two hundred "Rightists" from Kunming, Yunnan arrived at a gulag--a "thought reform through labor farm"--in Mi-le County, which later also received another two hundred "Rightists" from other farms. As part of the "Great Leap Forward," these inmates had to destroy forests to reclaim wasteland, burn down iron to smelt steel, eradicate rice to plant sweet potatoes, and experience the manmade "natural disaster" of the great famine in 1960. In the midst of their toils they also underwent the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" and received large groups of sent-down youth from Shanghai, Chongqing and Kunming. After 21 years of "remolding," these "Rightists" were finally rehabilitated in 1978 and left the farm in succession.

1957 年雲南昆明的部分右派兩百多人來到彌勒縣一個犯人農場進行思想改造。後來,這個農場又接收了其他農場轉來的兩百多名右派。這些右派在這裏經歷了大躍進時期的種種荒唐事件,包括毀林開荒、大煉鋼鐵以及人為地剷除糧食種紅薯的“自然災害”。他們也在這裏度過文革時期,這時大批來自上海和重慶的知識青年也來到這個農場。右派們經過二十一年的階級鬥爭和思想改造,終於在 1978 之後陸續離開農場。

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