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The Secret of My Success (DVD) 拎起大舌頭 (DVD)
Duan Jinchuan 段錦川

The Secret of My Success focuses on a birth control official, Lu Guohua, in the remote northeastern village of Fanshen. Lu has to take things into his own hands in 2001 when a pregnant woman, defying the one-child-family policy, disappears to avoid mandatory abortion. Because of this, his good relationship with the village head is broken. But it happens to be election year in the village and a few tricks from Lu put an end to Li's reelection for the new term in office. The film is awarded a Silver Wolf in Amsterdam in 2002.

呂國華是吉林四平翻身村的計生委員。2001 年,翻身村出了個第三胎,這可是違背國策的大事。為此,一向對呂國華言聽計從的村長李忠琴也跟他掰了。好在這年還趕上換屆選舉,呂國華略施小計,連任了三屆村長的李忠琴只好灰溜溜地下臺了。 該片獲得 2002 年荷蘭阿姆斯特丹電影節紀錄片銀狼獎。

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