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People's Representative YAO 人民代表姚立法
Ai Xiaoming 艾曉明

Yao Lifa, a teacher from Hubei, is the independent candidate for the people's representative in 2006 election. The film tells the story of how Yao propagate the election law in the grass roots and how he pursues his lawful political rights by declaring the candidacy. The film also catches the different voices from the media, the ordinary people to reflect the sprout of awareness of civil rights in the grass roots in China.

姚立法,湖北潛江市電視大學教師,2006 年人大代表換屆選舉獨立候選人。本片紀錄了姚立法在普通人群中普及人大代表選舉法,自己以實際行動參與基層選舉的故事,通過媒體和人們的反映生動地展現了當今中國基層民主意識的萌動。

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