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Where is the Way 路
Zhang Ke 張珂, Dong Yu 董昱

Lian Feng Village is located in Wei Yuan County of Gansu Province. In 2005, the local authority planned to build a highway and more than one hundred families were forced to move away from their homeland. The villagers believed that the action of the local officials was illegitimate. In order to protect their rights, they decided to make an appeal to the court.

蓮峰鎮,因山巒起伏如蓮得名,位於甘肅省渭源縣。2005 年這裏的一百多戶村民因村上拆遷而失去家園。村民認為迫遷不符合法規,他們為了捍衛自已的家園,踏上上訪之路。

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