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Our Children 我們的娃娃
Ai Xiaoming 艾曉明

Our Children is 73-minute long film divided into three episodes. The first episode is "May 11 Mother's Day ", the second episode "Promise and Appraisal" and the third episode "One World". The film covers the time period between May and August, that is, before and after the earthquake. In the film, the main narrators were parents of the students who died, among them teachers, city workers, migrant workers, interspersed with commentaries by media workers, independent scholars, internet writers, geologists, environmentalists and legal workers. They told of their views on the collapse of the schools and the deaths of the children from different perspectives.



謹以本片紀念在 2008 年 5.12 四川大地震中所有因校舍垮塌而遇難的孩子們,他們是四川人的娃娃,也是我們所有中國人的娃娃。


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