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Chinese, 2001/01

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Along the railway 鐵路沿線
Du Haibin 杜海濱

Spring of 2000, in Baoji county of China, a group of vagrants gathered on a trash platform near the railway station, celebrating the New Year. This group of people is mostly in the same age group. They came from everywhere of the country. During the day, they would venture into the city aimlessly. At night, they would sleep along the rails of the station. They would pick up trash and bottles around the railway for a few RMB in order to survive through the hunger in them.
Special Mention Award of YAMAGATA International Documentary Film Festival: New Asian Current 1999 (Japan)
The Grand Award of China first independent Film/Video Festival 2002 (China)
This documentary has also been invited to Berlin International Film Festival, Modern Art Exhibition of France, Modern Art Exhibition of Asia, Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea, Golden Horse International Film Festival of Taipei, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival.

2000年春節,在陝西省寶雞市火車站附近的垃圾臺上,聚集著一群流浪漢。他們來自全國各地,年紀大致相當。白天,他們在城市裏滿無目的地遊蕩,晚上住在鐵路邊上。 <br><br>
這群人裏,有大四川周富,他在城裏打工,回家路上丟了錢和身份證, 就在這個地方過著這樣的生活;李小龍和火紅昌(大家叫他火狐狸,只有九歲)都是從家裏跑出來;小雲南替人放峰,一天夜裏,老闆走了,三年的工資一分錢都沒付;鳳翔說自己是因為婚事和家人鬧矛盾才跑了出來。

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