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Tulou,My Home 土樓
Dai Yi 戴藝

The film tells a life story of Wang Shulan, who was sold to Tulou by his mother in her earlier age. As a female director, Dai Yi is deeply moved by the fates of those women living as the lowest and she tries to say some words about them. It is one of those. The story is told in smooth music and aesthetic pictures on the traditional building, Tulou and life within.

紀錄片《土樓,我的家》講述的早年被母親賣進土樓後,一生坎坷的王淑蘭……:“在拍攝中,我接觸了許多生活在底層的中國婦女。給我感觸最深的就是她們的社會地位確實太低了,我是一個女性編導,我要為她們不平的命運呐喊。” 該記錄片音樂流暢,畫面優美。

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