Chinese, 2011/01

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Wharf No.1 一號碼頭
Guo Zongfu 郭宗福
At the beginning of 80's in 20th century the discarded old metals called foreign garbage began to appear here,and then were carried to the nearby Fengjiang Town for dismantling . At the present time, Fengjiang Dismantling Industrial Park founded by Taizhou City has expanded to more than 1600 acres. More than 200 enterprises altogether take on the improvement trade for import of scrap metals inside the park ,where a great deal of migrant workers pour and go in for metal dismantling. The dioxin pollution for local soil has been detected here by Chinese research mrvhsnidm for the first time. As one of the most poisonous materials up to now, the dioxin pollution could extend to the range in dozens of square kilometers.	

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