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140 x 125 mm
ISBN: 978-962-996-322-4

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The Chinese Cultural Revolution Database (3rd Edition) 中國文化大革命文庫光碟 (第三版)
Edited by Song Yongyi
  • Original documents including CCP notices, instructions, proclamations, speeches and major media commentaries with detailed citations; 
  • First hand sources to tally 50,000,000 words with nearly 40% increasing and collating compared with its CD-ROM edition in 2002, and online edition in 2006; 
  • Newly added two Parts, “VIII. Miscellaneous Cultural Revolution Chronicles” and “VIIII. Special Archives: Self-Examinations, Confessions, Appeals, Guilty Pleas, Testaments/Suicide Notes and etc. during the Cultural Revolution;” 
  • Fully retrievable search-engine in both Chinese and English by “author,” “subjects,” “title,” “dates,” “keywords” and “place” (new function); 
  • New materials will be added monthly and the interface will be improved yearly for online version; 
  • IP address recognition, unlimited access throughout your campus and remote log-in function for online version.


  • Song Yongyi 宋永毅 (California State University, Los Angeles, USA) 
  • Ding Shu 丁 抒 (Normandale Community College, USA) 
  • Zhou Yuan 周 原 (University of Chicago, USA) 
  • Xie Yong 謝 泳 (Xiamen University, China) 
  • Dong Guoqiang 董國強 (Nanjing University, China) 
  • Shen Zhijia 沈志佳 (University of Washington, Seattle, USA) 
  • Guo Jian 郭 建 (University of Wisconsin, USA) 
  • Zhou Zehao 周澤浩 (York College of Pennsylvania, USA) 
  • Ran Yunfei 冉雲飛 (China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Sichuan Province, China)


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