Tags: Philosophy
229 x 152 mm, 416 pp
English, 2012/01
ISBN: 978-962-996-478-8

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Learning to Emulate the Wise 中國哲學
The Genesis of Chinese Philosophy as an Academic Discipline in Twentieth-Century China
MAKEHAM, John (ed.)
The Chinese University Press

Learning to Emulate the Wise is the first book of a three-volume series that constructs a historically informed, multidisciplinary framework to examine how traditional Chinese knowledge systems and grammars of knowledge construction interacted with Western paradigms in the formation and development of modern academic disciplines in China.

Within this volume, John Makeham and several other noted sinologists and philosophers explore how the field of "Chinese philosophy" (Zhongguo Zhexue) was born and developed in the early decades of the twentieth century, examining its growth and relationship with European, American, and Japanese scholarship and philosophy. The work discusses an array of representative institutions and individuals, including FengYoulan, Fu Sinian, Hu Shi, Jin Yuelin, Liang Shuming, Nishi Amane, Tang Yongtong, Xiong Shili, Zhang Taiyan, and a range of Marxist philosophers. The epilogue discusses the intellectual-historical significance of these figures and throws into relief how Zhongguozhexue is understood today.

John Makeham has authored and edited numerous works on Chinese intellectual history and philosophy. He is Professor and Head of the Department of Chinese Studies at the Australian National University.

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