210 x 140 mm, 112 pp
English, 2016/04
ISBN: 978-988-8228-34-8

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Irreverent Poems for Pretentious People
Henrik Hoeg
Proverse Hong Kong

IRREVERENT POEMS FOR PRETENTIOUS PEOPLE is an eclectic collection of poems that range from sardonically humorous to genuinely moving. The collection plays fast and loose with both language and form as it explores, among other things, linguistics, history, relationships and the absurd. Henrik Hoeg's first published collection, it was awarded a publication prize in the competition for the International Proverse Prize 2015. 

Irreverent Poems for Pretentious People will make you laugh, reflect, and look up Greek philosophers on wikipedia. I highly recommend it to anybody. 

        One might say to the author, in his own words, "Come, take your words back, I’ve exhausted them.” But not for long. Irreverent Poems for Pretentious People, is well worth a read, and any number of rereads.

        — Holger Anderson, poet, Copenhagen


 “Henrik Hoeg’s poems are fun to read because you can tell that they were fun to write....” — Jadis Blurton, Hong Kong

HENRIK HOEG is a Danish poet living in Hong Kong. He studied psychology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. He currently coordinates and emcees the group Peel Street Poetry, which runs weekly open-mic poetry nights and other events. He is also a regular attendee at Poetry OutLoud. His poetry has appeared in a number of places including TimeOut HongKong, East Lit and Sound & Rhyme. He has performed on stage at the TEDx (independently organized Technology, Entertainment, Design) Wan Chai salon event ‘Democratizing Education’, as well as their 2015 main stage event ‘TEDxWanChai Women’. In 2015, he won the  HKELD (Hong Kong English Language Drama) Heart Award and was named their Artist of the Month for September. By day Hoeg works as the director of the literacy programme at a pediatric mental health practice in Hong Kong and also teaches literacy, specializing in working with dyslexic children.

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