284 x 210 mm, 284 pp
English, Chinese, 2019/05
ISBN: 978-988-237-061-6

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Learning Chinese Language and Culture 學習漢語與文化 【Vol.2】 (Forthcoming)
Intermediate Chinese Textbook 中級漢語課本
Edited by Weijia Huang (黃偉嘉) and Qun Ao (敖群)
The Chinese University Press

Learning Chinese Language and Culture is an intermediate level textbook, which was intended to be used throughout the entire school year and designed mainly for students who have completed introductory courses of Chinese as a foreign language. This book illustrates Chinese language knowledge and introduces Chinese culture in twenty-two lessons, covering a variety of cultural content, including customs and manners, holidays and festivals, poems and idioms, calligraphy and couplets, myths and legends, feng shui and superstitions, and historical relics and sceneries and many others. In every lesson, the authors have strived to maintain a clear topic and a coherent structure. They have also endeavored to keep the contents lively and achieve a fluent writing style while closely controlling the structure and grammar of every lesson.

Weijia Huang is Senior Lecturer of the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Boston University.

Qun Ao is Professor of Chinese in the Department of Foreign Languages, U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

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