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213 x 140 mm, 360 pp
Bilingual, 2004/01
ISBN: 978-962-996-110-7

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Selected Short Stories of Shen Congwen 沈從文短篇小說選
Shen Congwen (沈從文) / Translated by Jeffrey C. Kinkley
Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature
The Chinese University Press

Selected Stories of Shen Congwen collects six representative and classic stories from the author's most mature period, in the 1930s and 1940s. Each piece is permeated with contradictions, particularly between the "new" and the "old", as well as the "healthy" and the "corrupt" of traditional Chinese society.


Shen Congwen (1902?-1988) is one of the world's great modern writers. He is also one of the finest Chinese prose stylists of all time. Critics have attributed Shen's greatness to different factors, notably the magic of his literary language and his ability to describe beautiful and fulfilling styles of life even in materially primitive and deprived rural surroundings. At times, the author was a realist; at other times, a romantic. He wrote about Chinese village life, and he als reproduced the discourse of professors in the cities.

Jeffrey C. Kinkley is a Professor of History at St. John's University, Queens Campus, New York City. He has written The Odyssey of Shen Congwen ​(Stanford, 1987), a literary biography of Shen Congwen, and edited Imperfect Paradise: Stories by Shen Congwen (Hawaii, 1995), a collection of English translations from which the translations within were selected.

沈從文 (1902?-1988),二十世紀世界文學殿堂人物,亦以文體精緻見知於中國文壇。沈從文的偉大,不少論者認為,文字魅力之外,也歸功於他將農村的原始貧困點化為田園牧歌的功力。沈從文既是現實的,也是浪漫的;筆下的世界雖聚焦農村,但也不乏都市知識份子的言狀。


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