Submission Guidelines

(I) Types of books published by The Chinese University Press

1. Academic Books: The Press publishes books of a diverse array of academic disciplines, priding itself in being a world-renowned publisher of China- and Hong Kong-related scholarly works.
2. General Books: These are works intended for the general public.

(II) The submission process

1. The followings should be submitted initially:
• A brief synopsis of the work and the rationale for writing it, e.g. How does it differ from similar works in this field? What unique features does it have?
• A detailed Table of Contents with a brief description of each chapter
• Two sample chapters of the work
• A brief account of the author(s) and/or editor(s)
2. The Press will review the submitted materials and respond within a month.
3. Once an initial interest has been indicated, the author is then requested to submit the complete manuscript as soon as possible.

(III) The review process

1. Manuscripts of all Academic Books will be reviewed by a minimum of two experts in the field. This can take three to five months, depending on the nature and length of the work.
2. If the reviews are positive, the manuscript, together with the reviews, will be passed to the Editorial Subcommittee on Academic Books for consideration. If substantial changes are required, then the manuscript will be reviewed again once the revisions have been made.
3. Once the manuscript has been approved, the author will be notified and given the reviewers' reports so that the points made therein can be taken up and the manuscript be revised accordingly.
4. Upon receipt of the revised manuscript, the Press's Editorial Division will conduct in-house assessment to ensure it meets all publication standards. After the Editorial Division confirms final approval of the manuscript, a Publishing Agreement will be issued by the Press, and editorial work will commence on the final manuscript.