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  • Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism, CUHK
International Journal for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism
Published for Centre for the Study of Humanistics Buddhism at CUHK
Issue 6, 2014
229 x 152 mm
Semiannual, English, Chinese
ISSN: 2223-800X



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The International Journal for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism (IJSHB) aims to become a high quality academic publication on Buddhist and Humanistic Buddhist studies. The content of the journal includes researches that account for the historical, philosophical, cultural, theoretical and methodological examination of varies Buddhist schools from its traditional period up to the contemporary era. IJSHB concerns topics relating Buddhism with the society, politics, science and other current issues as well as the exploration of its relationship with modernization and globalization. We also encourages researches that integrates varies Buddhist canons, doctrines with different historical courses.

The journal is bilingual of Chinese and English. The journal covers topics of the following categories:

Hermeneutic studies of Buddhist Canon in connection with the theoretical foundation and practices of Humanistic Buddhism
Historical and philosophical studies of various Buddhist traditions and schools
Theoretical and methodological studies
Case studies on topics relating Buddhism with the society, politics, economics, charity and other current issues
Book and article reviews

Submission Guidelines

Submissions can be in the form of research papers, articles, research notes, specialized discussion and book reviews in either English or Chinese.

Length and Capacity:
Manuscripts in Chinese should not exceed 20,000 characters and book reviews should not exceed 5,000 characters;
Manuscripts in English should not exceed 30 pages (Times New Roman, 12-point type, double space), and book reviews should not exceed 8 pages in length;
Exceptions can be made for works solicited by the editors.
Please attach a cover page with your submission identifying: the title of your manuscript in both Chinese and English; author(s) name(s); affiliation(s) and post(s); contact details such as, correspondence address, contact phone number, fax number, email address, etc. Except the cover page, the body of the manuscript should not contain any content that can review any information of the author(s), in order to preserve anonymity during anonymous peer review.
Title (in both English and Chinese)
Abstract (in both English and Chinese, approx. 500 characters)
Keywords (in both English and Chinese, approx. 5 words)
Main body
List of works cited
The IJSHB will be published semiyearly in printed formats. Calling for papers is continuous throughout the year; submissions will be categorized and sent to the reviewers for anonymous peer review upon reception. The reviewers consist of scholars of relevant profession. Authors may be requested to rewrite or resubmit based on reviewers’ comments before acceptance or rejection by the IJSHB.
The IJSHB retains the right to edit all submissions. If this is unacceptable, please state so on the cover page of the manuscript.
Submissions must be previously unpublished, including any paper or electronic formats (for papers presented at a conference, please make sure that no conference proceedings have been or will be published). If we discovered that an author has published the same article with another institution, we reserve the right to refuse publication of the author’s articles in the future.
Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reprint copyrighted works, including charts, tables, photographs, maps and etc. The IJSHB is not responsible for copyright violations.
After a submission has been accepted for publication in the IJSHB, we wholly own the copyrights of the article. The author or any personnel, regardless of the purpose, must obtain the permission from IJSHB to reprint (abridged versions) or translate any articles.
After an article has been published, the property right is given to the IJSHB as well as IJSHB authorized academic and research institutes and databases to reprint and reproduced on printing or digital formats for browsing, downloading, printing, or any academic research related purposes.
Honorarium will not be offered for accepted manuscripts. 2 free copies of IJSHB will be given and sent to the author (s) as a compliment.
Submissions in Chinese must follow《人間佛教研究》期刊統一編輯體例; citations of submissions in English must follow The Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (notes and bibliography system).
Submissions that do not meet the guidelines aforementioned will be returned to the author(s) for revision and resubmission.
All submissions should be sent to in Microsoft Word compatible format. Please include “Submission to IJSHB” in the subject title of your e-mail.